Women Luxury Watches

For decades, the luxury watch market was predominantly driven by male watch-lovers and buyers, with ladies watches only representing a small portion of the trade. However, recent trends have shown that more women are now investing in high-end timepieces. Many women are not only drawn to the aesthetics of these fine watches, but they appreciate and value high-quality investment pieces.

Traditionally, there are some stereotypical features which define ladies watches. Firstly, they generally differ in size – the diameter of the watch face and dial is smaller, the straps are narrower and shorter, and ladies watches are usually lighter than those designed specifically for men. Stylistically, watches designed for women can vary between understated and elegant to flamboyant and luxurious. Many ladies watches are embellished with diamonds or other precious gems and they are generally more delicate and less cumbersome than men’s watches. Additionally, watches designed for women usually come in more muted or neutral tones and colours.

Women Luxury Watches

However, it has recently become more popular for women to wear bigger watches and often, men’s watches. There is also a rise in popularity of unisex models. Of course, a number of men are wearing traditional ladies watches and the lines have become blurred between what constitutes as a ‘men’s’ or a ‘ladies’ watch. Some women choose a smaller, vintage style watch to complete their look, whilst others opt for a chunkier, more oversized design.

Of course, many female celebrities are accessorising with luxury timepieces, with Rolex watches proving as the most popular choice across the board. Victoria Beckham is well known for her collection of Rolex watches. Originally designed for men, the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph is a firm favourite amongst female celebrities, seen on the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Olivia Palermo. The Cartier Tank watch is another classic piece and has been worn by Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle and Angelina Jolie, to name a few. Other brands featuring on the wrists of female celebrities are Chopard, Piaget and the Chanel J12.

Essentially, the most important aspect of watch-wearing is that the watch fits your individual personality and function, whether as a glamourous fashion accessory, a statement of your identity or to display your appreciation of fine horology. Here at Bezel Brothers, we aim to provide you with a wide selection of watches to suit your price range and your style. We source watches from dealers around the world, ensuring that you will find the watch of your dreams.

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