sell your watch with Bezel Brothers

There are of course many ways that you can sell a watch, whether through private sale, to a watch house, or indeed you can use one of the current popular marketplaces like Chrono24 and ebay. All options are good ones and dependant upon your personal choice and the means you are willing to take for payment, including any fees.

Here at Bezel Brothers, we want to consolidate where watches are not only sold via direct sale, but also through a specific auction house, think Ebay but purely for watches. Auctioning your watch is not only exciting, but it brings you the best value given the market needs and wants. Sometimes you may be surprised by the value, someone wants what you have, and they will bid enough to get it!! This is the exciting part.

sell your watch with Bezel Brothers

Here at Bezel Brothers, we allow you to sign up for an account for free and indeed even list your watch for free with us. We only take fees and commission once the sale is completed and prior to cash pay out to you. We have ensured that our fees are the most competitive to provide some competition to the already busy used watch market.

Finally, we wish you happy bidding if buying, and happy high price is selling!!

We truly value your time

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